As we approach the weekend, for many small business owners, it’s not going to be a weekend of putting their feet up and enjoying the last quiet weekend before the summer of sport kicks off with the European Championships next week. With April VAT returns due with HMRC by Tuesday 7th June, many will be a frantic panic, pulling together their accounting records and trying to make sense of their VAT.


Jack of all trades

Being a small business owner means being director of operations, head of strategy, sales director and chief financial officer all in the same working day. When the day to day business stops, you put on your CFO hat and that means accounting, from the bottom up, during evenings or weekends.


Take back your time

The cloud can help you take back that time. Cloud accounting software such as FreeAgent or Xero work in the background, even when you’re not there, carrying out your basic accounting tasks and giving you your time back.


How it works

  • Sign up for a free trial with either FreeAgent or Xero
  • Link up your business bank account through secure software and your bank transactions are automatically imported into the software
  • Produce and send professional looking invoices direct from the software or on your smartphone and tablet through the free app
  • Log and track your expenses using the app
  • Complete your VAT return at the touch of a button
  • Process payroll in two easy steps
  • Chase your late paying customers through automatic reminders
  • Track your cashflow and profitability in real time



Get in touch with me and I’ll set you up with a no obligation free trial of either FreeAgent or Xero and help you get started in your first step to take back your time.


FreeAgent or Xero

FreeAgent is designed for small businesses, sole traders, freelancers and contractors and is so simple to use, you wouldn’t even know you’re using accounting software. The perfect choice for small businesses who want to keep their accounting simple.

Xero has more functionality but it is a little more complicated (but still easy) to use. The perfect choice for small businesses who need a little more oomph from their accounting software.


Constant collaboration

With cloud accounting software being exactly that and in the cloud, it’s available for you to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means it’s also available to me. I can view your data in real time, allowing me to give you more relevant advice when it matters.

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